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Purple Hashtag Web Lab uses the most current technology with WordPress to develop websites for our clients from the most basic one-page sites to fully customised E-commerce sites. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of work delivered.


More than a Blogging Platform

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Percentage Top 1000 Websites powered by WordPress
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10 Good reasons why we use WordPress


Love From my Clients

After a run in with a previous web designer I was introduced to Herman from Purple Hashtag Web Lab. What impressed me from the word go was the fact that he always has time to discuss any matter at hand. He will take actual time to discuss and explain various options, and I have to say, he is very clued up. Above all, when I need any small or big changes to be made to my website, it is done within 24 hours. Herman is very professional and punctual, he is in this business because he is passionate about web designing, not only to make a quick buck. Herman does what he does best: WEB DESIGNING!
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Some random thoughts about what we do......


Why we don’t do free development anymore

I get ask on a regular basis to do free development for people with various promises of leads and referrals. The one argument is that it does not really cost you anything…………. just a bit of time. I have been doing web development for quite a while as an independent and that was one of … Read more

free websites

To free website or not…….

Q: Why is free web hosting not recommended? The economic recession has not only affected the financial conditions of the individuals but also a large number of business houses are affected by the same. As a result, businesses are adopting the path of free web hosting as a cost effective option. However, free of cost … Read more

do i need web site

Why do I really need a Website?

Not so long ago, every household had a Yellow Pages right next to the phone. It was used every day to find services, venues or any information on businesses that you can think off. Every Business had a listing in there. Things have changed…..Today the Internet is the main Source for information. The internet is … Read more

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