About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we wike it!

Herman olivier

Herman's experience in business world spans over two decades during which he gained experience in a wide variety of jobs. He understands business and how to structure a website that will reflect your company identity.   The focus is on reaching your target market and establishing your services or products as the best solution to meet your clients’ needs.

He has been involved in the IT industry and internet related services since the inception of internet in South Africa in 1992. He has followed the progress of the over designed websites of the nineties to the sleek, fast, clean websites of today. In November 2013 he started a design company, using WordPress sites exclusively.  The unique character of each client is extremely important to Herman and he prides himself in using cutting edge tools to create unique sites that does not look like cookie cutter sites as so many of the WordPress sites tend to do.

In December 2015 he decided to re-brand and thus Purple hashtag Web Lab was born. He aligns himself with specialist in their fields to provide his clients with the best possible product and professional service.  By moving with the leaders of the industry he started combining some of the best tools available to bring about high quality sites at a fraction of the price of comparable sites.

When he is not glued to his computer he loves to blow bubbles with fish (Scuba), hike and read.


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