Q: Why is free web hosting not recommended?

The economic recession has not only affected the financial conditions of the individuals but also a large number of business houses are affected by the same. As a result, businesses are adopting the path of free web hosting as a cost effective option. However, free of cost web hosting looks great only because of the monetary reasons. Adopting the free of cost is not always the best option as far as web hosting is concerned. It may in turn cost a lot to your business in the long run. Further in this article, I have highlighted some main points that will provide an answer to the most debated question of Why Is Free Web Hosting Not Recommended?

Free web hosting services are available especially for those individuals who want to create sites for interests and hobbies. After all, no one prefers to pay monthly fees for the services which are available for free! However, the bitter truth is that free web hosting services are not always free. You may need to pay huge amounts for not selecting paid hosting services. Here is why:

Firstly, you will be given very small disk space to deal with.

When it comes to create personal websites, then free hosting services can be considered. But, the things change when it comes to create commercial websites because the disk space provided by the free hosting provider is not sufficient for the features and files you want to insert in your website.

Secondly, no individual domain name will be provided to you.

Instead, you will be provided with a long domain name which is the sub-domain name of the host. If in case you want to create credibility over internet, then free hosting is not best bet for you especially for e-commerce websites.

Thirdly, server crashes and hosting downtime are the two things associated with free hosting which will leave you behind with frustration.

In free hosting the users will be sharing servers with hundreds of other sites and due to limited bandwidth the user suffers from such problems. In paid hosting services, you will be supported by the customer care and they will keep the server functioning all the time. The tech support will address the downtime issues immediately and also reboot the system for better performance. This type of customer support is not possible with free web hosting.

Fourthly, free web hosting service providers simply disappear.

Yahoo Geocities is the biggest example of a free web hosting company that disappeared after offering hosting services for a few years. When the hosting company disappears, the domain names also disappear along with them. Keeping backups of files or transferring data to another site will not work in such cases because you would not have the similar web address and as a result you have to initiate again from zero. This becomes a frustrating process especially if you have already created a following for your previous website and numerous links. The entire process of gaining search engine rankings will start again from zero and it is simply a time consuming process.

Lastly, all types of pop ups and banner ads will appear on your website through which the free hosting services earn money.

With free hosting services you will not get any domain, therefore the hosting providers are authorized to put all types of banner ads and pop ups on your website to earn money. These ads make your website look unprofessional and also discourage the web traffic.
Now you might have come to know why free web hosting is not recommended. So, rather than wasting your time in free hosting you should invest in paid services.

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