Hi Thabang,

Thank you for the opportunity asses and see if we can build something big with lets-study.co.za


From our conversation I gathered that your main concern is to direct traffic to you site.

It is a very possible task, however your current site does not offer enough content on the site itself to facilitate traffic. The very first step you need to do is to create a site that will enable The search engines IE google to send traffic your way. You content need to make sure that visitors stay on you site. Your current site is 100% functional. There are no visually pleasing images to keep clients there.

There is no content that tell the visitors what it is you are actually doing. I can promise you, you must have a very high bounce rate, that is clients will leave the site as soon as they enter the site. There is very little to see or read to keep them there.


What I do need to explain as I do believe that there might have been a misunderstanding , is that traffic is never bad. Traffic may be useless as it is sending visitors to your site but if you do not have sign-ups that that traffic is not good. We look at ensuring good quality traffic that will ensure you get sign-ups from that traffic.


This is our proposal,


  1. Create a visually pleasing website to keep clients there.
  2. We will keep the existing functionality just structure it correctly so that it is user friendly
  3. Setup a blogging facility
  4. Setup SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve your rankings on Google.
  5. Integrate your  website with your social media accounts (setup social media accounts if you do not have them)
  6. Setup facebook advertising account (Targeted advertising)
  7. Setup Google addwords account.

Here are some of the work we have done recently



This site you will notice contains a good visual impact on opening the page. Lots of content that can be optimised for SEO.



This site also visually pleasing with a ready holiday feel to it. Lots of content and testimonials. Very important to show feedback from clients as to how good you are.



Very funky look and feel to the site. AS it is a hip-hop dance studio that is what they are all about.  Lots of content explaining what they do and images to give you the vibe.


This is three of a large portfolio of websites.


My partner’s site is



for an idea of a more corporate site.


As you can see we do spend a lot of attention to detail, content and visual content. Once we have had a  conversation on what exactly we do believe your site needs we can look a setting a quotation and then getting to start to getting the work done.





Herman Olivier


Cell:   083 526 2103

Email : herman@purplehashtag.co.za

Website: www.purplehashtag.co.za


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