Why do I really need a Website?

Not so long ago, every household had a Yellow Pages right next to the phone. It was used every day to find services, venues or any information on businesses that you can think off. Every Business had a listing in there.

Things have changed…..Today the Internet is the main Source for information. The internet is now the main advertising platform and is replacing traditional ways of communicating information. Many owners still believe that old traditional advertising methods are sufficient….It is not! People want information instantly, on the go, so it is much easier to quickly look something up on Google ….anywhere, anyplace and on any device. The Internet IS your yellow pages today, if you are not listed (online), then your competitor with a website is going to get the business. Having a website gives credibility to your Business, and people often decide on whether to business with your company on the basis of whether  you have a website or not. Your website is your Brand Ambassador today.

Some of the most common reasons of why people still think they don’t need a website in today’s digital era is revealed in the following myths:

1)    A website costs thousands of Rands. Not necessarily. A well designed, responsive 4 page website can be done for well under R2000. This can help you to get that online presence and drive new customer to your website. Once you are ready with additional budget available, more pages and services can be added to your website.

2)    None of my competitors have websites, so I also don’t need one. Grab any new potential customer from them by getting more exposure online!  Recently an Internet Study revealed that at least 59% off adults use only the internet to and the various search engines to search and find for what they are looking for. People are spoiled in our digital age, they want information to be instantly available, and having a website fulfils that need.

3)    My Business does not have anything to sell online, we only provide a service. Wait! Only a service? Then you have something to sell online! Create a gift voucher system, and give all your online leads a discount on your service.

4)    To effectively market my website is too expensive. On the contrary….online marketing is way more cost effective than traditional print media advertising. Traditional advertising methods normally have set prices which are very expensive. With any online marketing platform like Google adwords etc., you set your budget. You only spend what you can afford, and by selecting from a whole array of settings, you know that your online ads will reach its target market.

One of the biggest advantages of having a website is that your potential customers can find you 24/7! Your normal trading hours may be from 9 to 5, but your website is online day and night, and customers often search for exactly your type of product or service after hours.

We have only touched the very basic reasons for having a website, but this article shows that if you are not online then you are missing out on the opportunity to expand and get new potential customers. There is a whole new target market out there searching for you type of business right now! Customers are waiting to do business with you, will they find you?

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