What Do You Need For Your Website

Full details what you would need for a website

You need a Domain

To create a website you need to buy a domain. To assist, we offer the added service of registering and maintaining your domain/s for you. A major local registrar provides us this service and you will be billed annually for the renewal. The current fee (Jan 2016) is R145.00 per annum for a “.co.za” and R225.00 for a “.com” domain.

Some people ask if they should buy ".com" or ".co.za" My advice is, if you can, and you have the budget for it, buy both. You only need to pay for the development on one and use the other one to point to you main domain.

You need a Hosting Account

The Domain name can be compared to your telephone number and the hosting to your address.  This is where all your files, images, etc. for your website is stored.  By typing in a domain name in a browser, a connection is made to a server where your files are located and your website will become visible in the browser.

Hosting is provided at an affordable and reasonable rate to all individuals and businesses. Hosting is paid for, either yearly or is included in the monthly rental packages.

To limit expenses, the sites are hosted by our server.  Should the customer prefer to host on a different server, an additional fee will be incurred to pay for the licence on the external server.

You need Good Content

The content is determined to a large extent by the customer.  The customer provides information on the major topics to be addressed on the site.  This information is used to create the sitemap.  The sitemap is the overall structure of the site.

Once the customer is satisfied with the sitemap, the next step will be to populate it with the detailed information you wish to use.  It is very important that you have a good idea what content you want on your site. I will of course assist, by sourcing videos, stock images and graphics if needed.  

The services of a professional content writer is also at your disposal, should you have a need.   These services are additional extras and you will be quoted on them.  To save time, please have the majority of you content ready before our project starts.

You need a Budget

Your budget will depend on two factors. The first is your designer. The difference in the fee structures of designers are quite astounding.  Designers also have different developmental strategies, some of which are time consuming.

The second will be your requirements and functions you may want on your website. There is a large range of products we can supply, from galleries, catalogues to full e-commerce with payment portals. The list of possibilities is too long to list here and will be discussed in detail when we look at what you may want and need for your site.

You can pay as little as R500.00 for a web site (or even do it yourself) and you can pay R50 000 for a similar size site. Why such a vast price difference? It can be compared to driving a Small compact vs driving a large German Automobile.

Remember your website is often the first impression somebody may get about your business and a R500 site cannot offer you the same as a R2000.00 of even a R5000 website.  Quality and professionalism is the focus and all our sites are unique products which reflects the image of your business and the unique service/products you provide.

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